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ald Trump he▓re on the sidelines of the 35th s▓ummit of the Asso▓ciation of Southeast Asi▓an Nations (ASEAN) and related meetings in Thai capital Bangk▓ok.As the world u▓ndergoes complex and profound

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 changes, Li said, ▓the two countries need to meet each other halfw▓ay to make their relations develop in a h▓ealthy and stable manner, which also meets the expectations o▓f the internati▓onal commun▓ity.Noting this ye▓ar marks the 40th anniversary of Ch▓ina-U.S. diplomatic ties, the Chinese premie▓r said the two countries' exchanges and cooperation have brought tangible benefits to b▓oth sides and are also beneficia▓l to the world.Li called on Ch▓ina and the United S▓tates to f▓ollow the consens▓uses reached▓ by the two countries' heads o▓f state and promote their relations based on coordination, cooperation and stability.Ch▓ina and the Unit▓ed States should respect each o▓ther's core interest▓s and major concerns, and manage differences on the basis of equality and▓ mutual respect, while expanding cooperation on the b

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asi▓s of mutual b▓enefit and wi▓n-win, Li added.Dur▓ing the meeti▓ng, O'Brien, who is also head of the U.S. delegation to the ASEAN summit, said that U.S.▓-China relations bear great si▓gnificance to bo▓th countries and the world.He sa▓id that the bi▓lateral trade consultations▓ have gained positive progress, whic▓h is in line with the common interests of two count▓ries as well as countries across the wo

rld.Despite o▓f divergences, O'Brien said, the two countries need▓ to properly ▓handle them in a constructive way so as ▓to promote U.S.-China relations to go further.Xiao Jie, Chinese state councilor and secretar▓y-general of the State Council, and U.S. Co▓mmerce Secretary W▓ilbur Ross a▓lso attended the meeting. Please

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